5 Minutes Self-Care Check

Sometime’s our days can be crazy and hectic and we forget about the little things! Here is a short guide you can ask yourself during the day to make sure you are taking care of your body and your mind!
Am I hydrated enough?
Drinking water throughout the day not only has numerous health benefits, but you will feel better and more energetic too if you stay hydrated!
    Have I had a good enough sleep?
    Who doesn’t struggle with going to bed on time! While there are so many distractions in our life that may keep us up at night, getting a proper 8 hours of sleep will help you stay alert and just like staying hydrated, it’s one of the healthiest things to do for your body.
      Have I eaten regularly and healthily?
      Going on a diet can be difficult for anyone! But simply making sure you are getting the proper nutrients and vitamins is a start in the right direction! Junk food can seem great at the time too, but a well-balanced diet won't only have you feeling physically better, but mentally as well!
        Have my muscles been stretched?
        Getting a short stretch or workout everyday will have you feeling loose and can prevent unwanted injuries from happening!
          How am I feeling, really?
          Not everyday is going to be good. Not everyday is going to be productive. And that is okay! Make sure you are true to yourself about your feelings and check up on yourself! You matter<3