simple 5 minute self care check

simple 5 minute self care check

Do you ever have that feeling of “life’s moving too fast” or “going through the motions”? Don’t be alarmed, that just shows your human :). The thing about happiness is that it is not a place, but rather a process, that is constantly evolving and changing, just like you are. Change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and self discipline, and hopefully this will help you. This 5 minute self care check can be used daily to help you appreciate the little things we have in this beautiful thing we call life.


1. How are you feeling, really?

Sit down, and grab a pen and paper, and ask yourself this question:

How are you feeling, physically and mentally?

Write out WHY you are feeling this way, and what you can do today to help improve how you feel. Start small, set a goal for the day, and come back to your journal at night and write down how the goal went. If you never have journaled before, this may seem intimidating, but it works. Give yourself time! The mind and body work in magical ways, when working together :).


2. Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

Don’t think too deep into this, it can be anything! It can be the people in your life, your puppy, or that you have something you're looking forward to. The beautiful thing about gratitude is that it has no limits, so you shouldn’t limit yourself! Gratitude allows us to recognize the good we have in our lives, and serves as a reminder that we shouldn’t take the little things for granted.


3. Am I hydrated enough?

Okay, I know, this seems so silly. But trust me, hydration is more important than you think. Remember when we were younger in health class, we learned the body is about 60% water? Sounds crazy, but think of yourself as a flower. What happens when you don’t water a flower? Humans, like flowers, need water to thrive. Staying hydrated does way more than quenching your thirst. It keeps your body working the way it’s meant to be, provides a clear mind, and even improves your sleep. The recommended amount of water is at least 8 glasses per day. It seems like a lot, and at first it is, but over time, you'll notice the difference.


4. 1 minute free writing.

Take 1 minute to write whatever you want. 60 seconds is all I'm asking, and it can literally be ANYTHING. Pour those thoughts out onto paper, and remember, if you're not speaking it or writing it, you're storing it, and that gets heavy. Free writing also helps spark creativity, and if you’re like me, once that first minute is up, you may want to keep writing.


I know these 4 tips might seem “simple” and “silly”, but at the end of the day, it works. Try it for a week, and see how you’re feeling. If it doesn’t feel like it’s helping you, add your own spin to it. If the writing is too much for you, stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself like you're teaching someone else how to do this self care check. Be creative with it, there’s no right or wrong way to check in on yourself. When it’s all said and done, you are the only one who truly knows what works for you.