8 important things to remember

8 important things to remember!
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness
Relying on others and asking for help are simply part of the human experience. It shows one is emotionally strong and it is part of being human!
Nothing and nobody are perfect
You can’t always expect perfection! Love yourself for who you are <3.
Don’t feel guilt for giving yourself a break
We all can’t be productive 24/7, 100% of the time! Breaks are an important part of life, and can give us time to collect ourselves to rest our mind and body!
It’s okay to have a bad day
Just like the above, not all of our days are going to be productive and that is fine! Don’t put yourself down just because one day was bad, you have thousands more in front of you!
Making mistakes is okay, it’s how we learn
The most successful people in the world have failed over and over. Next time you mess up, instead of beating yourself up about it, look at it as a learning experience! This paradigm shift will help your mental health and allow yourself to recognize mistakes as opportunities.
You are a lot stronger than you think
If you’re reading this, you have made it through every bad day, moment, experience so far! You are infinitely more capable than you can even imagine!
Small steps = progress
There is no such thing as too little progress. A little bit everyday will keep compounding into big results!
You haven’t met everyone who will love you
There are billions of people in this world! You have so many relationships you will make in the future, friends you will meet, and memories that will last a lifetime.